Free University of Bozen - Bolzano - Information Request

1. Email address
2. First Name
3. Surname
4. Gender
5. Language
6. Country of residence
7. City of School / University of provenance
8. Name of School / University of provenance
9. Study Programmes
Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences  
Bachelor in Economics and Management  
Bachelor in Tourism, Sport and Event Management  
Master in Economics and Management of the Public Sector  
Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation  
Master in Accounting and Finance  
Bachelor in Social Work  
Bachelor in Social Education  
Master in Education  
Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture  
Master in Innovation and Research for Social Work and Social Education  
Master in Musicology  
Professional Training Course and Placement  
Bachelor in Education  
Master in Computational Data Science  
Bachelor in Design and Art - Major in Design  
Bachelor in Design and Art - Major in Art  
Master in Eco-social Design  
Master in Transmedia Interaction and Space  
Bachelor in Agricultural and Agro-Environmental Sciences  
Bachelor in Industrial Mechanical Engineering  
Professional Bachelor in Wood Engineering  
Master in Energy Engineering  
Master in Industrial Mechanical Engineering  
Master in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas  
International Master in Horticultural Sciences  
Master in Food Sciences for Innovation and Authenticity  
Studium Generale  
Entolment on Single Subject Courses  
10. Please comment upon your request
11. All information is needed to complete your request and to send you further information at a later stage (infomail). All information provided will be dealt with and stored on computer following the Data Protection Act, decree no. 196/2003, by employees of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano under the responsibility of the Area manager for student services, research and development. Should you wish to exercise your right as detailed in articles 7 and others of the aforementioned decree as concerns access to, information on, updating of and the cancellation of this information, you can make a request to the Managing Director of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano.
I accept